House Cleaning Services in Wood Green, N22

house cleaningWith our house cleaning service, more and more people can get to treat themselves and a have little time to unwind. The company has gathered the best people in the Wood Green industry from all across London. They are all professionals with very high standards.

When we get a client, we make sure that the client is certain that they have made a good choice. The client has to be happy and satisfied for the service to be successful.

Every new client who chooses us is first of all properly introduced to the service. We explained to them how the entire house cleaning service works from start to finish. We do this so that the client is certain if they actually want to hire us or not.

House Cleaning Price
Regular Cleaning£16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring / Deep Cleaning£18

Wood Green Info

Historically a part of Tottenham, Wood Green is today the biggest town in Haringey, offering a wide selection of popular shops, restaurants and two cinemas. Located handily close to Central London, it has excellent transport links. There are train, tube and bus options. It is notable to mention the historic entertainment venue situated here, namely Alexandra Palace.

It was opened for public in 1873 and in 1875 rebuilt after a huge fire. It serves as a recreation centre and entertainment. When it comes to attractions, Wood Green is a home to several original shops and impressive buildings. The Mall Wood Green, which represents a huge market hall, gathers the local independent traders. There one can buy everything they could wish. The Chocolate Factory referred to as a hub of creativity hosts Karamel and other creative-based industries. It can be described as a cafe as well as a gallery.

We also don’t let off our clients without them having to ask questions. We have the answers surrounding the Wood Green area, and we want and encourage our clients to be curious and ask questions. If someone doesn’t understand something, we want to know, so any big issues are avoided.

When the introduction is over, the client can move on to booking an appointment for the house cleaning service. The cleaning team will be notified and they will make sure to arrive at the client’s home right on time.

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As the cleaning team will be arrive on time, they also expect from the client to be home. If there is no one to welcome them, they will have to leave, and there won’t be a service.

The team does not waste time when they have a job to do. As soon as they arrive at the client’s home, they get to work right away. The cleaners are perfectionists, they are not satisfied with their work until the client is. Everyone in this company has very high standards and we all never fail to uphold them.

The company has been working for the past few seasons with professional equipment and products selected from Wood Green market, to be as effective as they are safe for the environment and for our health.

I left for half an hour leaving the team to do their job and when I came back I felt like I was falling in love. In just half an hour they transformed my home from a dump into a palace. These people are amazing. They are indeed professionals at their job. – Susan

I thought that I was going to get mediocre results with these people, but how wrong was I and how happy that makes me. They came around and for just an hour did magic. For one hour, I would have just washed a window, and it wouldn’t have been as good as they did it. – Henry