House Cleaning Services in Whetstone, N20

house cleaningOur house cleaning service became a favorite choice from the Whetstone market last spring. This season, we work just as hard, and put in a lot of dedication into getting the job done properly. Again, people rely on and trust us that we are going to do a good job.

What they don’t hope for and expect is how much we pay attention to detail, and how carefully we do our job. Just because the price of our service is more affordable, that does not mean that we are not going to do a professional job.

The house cleaning service is available for hire throughout the entire week. But before anyone pays for anything, we make sure to introduce the service to our clients.

House Cleaning Price
Regular Cleaning£16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring / Deep Cleaning£18

Whetstone Info

Standing on the main road between Barnet and Finchley in the outskirts of North London, Whetstone offers a number of stunning Victorian houses, shopping facilities and beautiful green spaces. It is believed that the place takes its name during the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century. Soldiers made their camp here, using the stones to whet their weapons.

Situated in a close proximity to Totteridge, the area is a preferred destination for many house hunters. Plus, it is 30 minutes away from the West End and boasts excellent transport links. It is interesting to know that Whetstone may once have been a home to a Soviet spy base. The British security agency stated that it was used to track its activity.

The place has several magnificent open-air spaces, offering leisure possibilities and sports facilities. Amy Winehouse, the late British singer moved here in 1991 after living for many years in Southgate.

A thorough explanation is carried out and no details are being left out. This is done to insure the client if they are certain about booking an appointment.

Our service can get complicated for some people. So any questions surrounding the Whetstone area, are encouraged. It is our priority to insure that all of our clients know what is going on and aware of what exactly they are paying for.

Although booking an appointment for the house cleaning service is easy, help is still provided if such is needed. When everything is set up, we make sure to be at the clients home exactly on time. It would be nice if the client is home at that time as well. If no one’s home, there won’t be a service.

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We get to work as soon as we arrive in the client’s home. We start from one end and thoroughly clean every single room and we do not miss any areas that would be commonly neglected. As we progress, our goal is for the client to be satisfied, only then are we satisfied as well.

We only use products, carefully selected from the Whetstone market to be Eco friendly and safe for ours and our clients’ health. The client is not paying for any of the consumables that we use. If the client needs to, they can reschedule the service.

“Your domestic cleaning services are not only cheaper than the other cleaning companies in the area, but also more efficient. I have come to realize that your technicians are real professionals, their diligence is admirable and I have nothing but respect for them. – Kirk”

“I have been employing your domestic cleaning service for the past year and you have proven me that you are the most effective and efficient domestic cleaning service of all. You are entirely dedicated to your job and that makes for an amazing end results. Keep up the good work, you guys are something else! – Steven”