House Cleaning Services in Streatham, SW16

house cleaningIn order to keep your house cleaned and fresh at all times you need to perform regular cleanings, which require a lot of hard work and backbreaking scrubbing. Cleaning an entire house, including dusting off and wiping every surface clean is time consuming and most people do not have the time or the patience for that. Not to mention removing stubborn stains from different surfaces like- carpets, sofas, kitchen appliances and walls.

If some of the above are an existing problem in your house we suggest you hire our professional house cleaning service located in Streatham. We are all trained cleaning professionals with years of experience and hard work. Our knowledge of the cleaning process and how to remove various stains allows us to provide amazing end-cleaning results to all of our customers.

House Cleaning Price
Regular Cleaning£16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring / Deep Cleaning£18

Streatham Info

If you’re searching for a place where to spend the last days of summer, opt to a picnic in the beautiful Streatham Common. It’s one of the two ares in London, along with Tooting Bec Common that are designated a Local Nature Reserve. As I said, there you can go picnic with your family, or you can just take a walk. Believe me, the place will fill you with positive energy.

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If you like good food, enjoy being surrounded by nature and like ice skates, the right destination for you is Streatham.

No matter the cleaning chore we are more than happy to take it off your hands and have it carried out to perfection. Our diligent technicians never miss a detail, we guarantee a complete extraction of stubborn stains as well as the thorough and careful removal of dirt and dust in various place both visible and invisible to the eye.

Thanks to the special, modern equipment(the best available in Streatham that we have supplied our diligent technicians with, we are more than sure in their success. When they come to your property, they arrive fully prepared and ready for anything that may come their way- so far there hasn’t been a stain or dirt that could stay in their way for too long.

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Needless to say our cleaners are at the top of their profession, they will be happy to answer all of your questions, regarding the cleaning process and its essentials. Rest assured that your house is being cleaned while using only environment-friendly cleaning materials and solutions that have been tested and proven, arguably, more effective and efficient than the chemical-based ones.

One of our priorities as a professional house cleaning service is to never use chemicals that may appear harmful to you or your household environment. We are famous in Streatham for doing everything by the book and providing the utmost best results possible.

“It was a real pleasure to work with your company. I spoke with the call centre representatives and on the next day, the cleaning crew was at home. Easy and convenient. The fellows covered all cleaning areas in my list and now the house looks great. I am sure that my wife will be very happy – Frank”

“Ever since I started relying on your house cleaning service I have had plenty of free time to do whatever I want. It is nice coming home to a clean and properly disinfected home- being pressure free of the cleaning chores at home has changed my my daily routine for the better. – Jessica”