House Cleaning Services in Kensington, W8

house cleaningHundreds of people open their doors to us every season, and rely on our help to keep their home clean in all aspects of the hygienic meaning.

The house cleaning service provided by our company is a unique opportunity for every middle class family, to get a service known for only catering to the posh.

Our prices are down to earth and we are all experts in the Kensington field. We have been at this for a significantly long amount of time, and we have an abundance of knowledge and skill which we use to leave our clients satisfied.

The house cleaning service is always done perfectly, from start to finish, and that is in the most literal manner of stating. Whoever decides to contact us, to hire our service, first have to go through an introduction. They will have everything explained to them, and there will be no details left out.

House Cleaning Price
Regular Cleaning£16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring / Deep Cleaning£18

Kensington Info

Kensington, an area very close to the City of London in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. There are over 64 thousand people who live here and it is a very beautiful and popular place to find yourself in as well. A big part of Kingston is the Kingston Gardens, which have formally been a private property, but now the area is entirely open to the public, and it is even the home of several public places like Serpentine Gallery, the Italian and Dutch gardens and the Albert Memorial, a stunning, beautiful and very uplifting piece of architecture, commissioned by Queen Victoria, in memory of her husband, Prince Albert.

The memorial is something that truly needs to be seen in real life. As beautiful as Kensington is, it has also been the place of tragedy worth noting. There were two bombing related incidents in 1975 which are traced to the IRA, and the recent disaster of the fire which broke out in Grenfell Tower on June 14th,2017.

The caller has the option of asking questions. Every client has that option throughout the entire service. We have all of the answers surrounding the Kensington area. It is our priority to be sure that every single one of our clients is aware of what they are paying for.

Hiring the house cleaning service is pretty simple. Help will still be provided, if such is needed. We are going to make sure to arrive at the client’s home exactly on time. We also expect from our client to be home as well. The service can not proceed without then, and we will be required to leave.

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When we arrive at the client’s home, we don’t waste any time before starting work. We also never forget to uphold our high standards and be professional. The client expects good results.

And we do everything we can, for the results to be far beyond just good. We are satisfied with our work, when the client is satisfied.

We only carry professional equipment and cleaning products that are carefully chosen from the Kensington market, to be as effective as they are Eco friendly and safe four our health. The client’s taxation of the service does not include any consumables used by us.

“I am very satisfied with their house cleaners. They have visited me several times already and until now everything is perfect. The domestic chores are covered in a sufficient manner and this allows me to concentrate on my profession. Highly recommended to every busy homeowner. – Sam”

“I recommend their house cleaning to everyone. The cleaners are well-trained, work hard and pay attention to every detail. They were at home yesterday and made a magnificent performance. I am also very satisfied with their reasonable rates. Will continue to work with them with pleasure – Ronny”