House Cleaning Services in Cricklewood, NW2

house cleaningTackling all household chores may seem fun and interesting when you’ve just started to live on your own. Well, in just a few years you’ll hate everything associated with household chores. And that’s just the way things are – the more dishes you wash, the duller the activity becomes.

There’s a common misconception that professional cleaning services are expensive and that people can’t afford them. But, we want to ask you – would you want to spend your short life doing things you don’t like doing? If not, you should contact us and book our house cleaning services, we’re in Cricklewood and we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.

House Cleaning Price
Regular Cleaning£16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring / Deep Cleaning£18

Cricklewood Info

This vibrant town in Northwest London offers a variety of opportunities for entertainment and shopping. Cricklewood is located between Camden, Barnet and Brent. Up to the arrival of the railway in 1870, it was just a rural settlement. Today it represents a calm residential area with leafy streets, Victorian and Edwardian houses. The main commercial hub is Cricklewood Broadway, which is well-packed with original shops and cafes.

Here is situated one of the most popular local landmarks – The Crown Moran Hotel. Gladstone Park and Cricklewood Library are other prominent attractions. There are several decent pubs, among which King Sitric and The Crown. Cricklewood hosts two conservation areas – The Railway Terraces and Mapesbury Estate. It is interesting to know that the area is a home to a sizable Irish community. It boasts excellent transport links, being served by the Cricklewood railway station and the Eurostar.

Booking professionals to tackle your household chores has a lot of benefits.

1. For a germ-free home – book professionals
Professional house cleaners are experienced. You might think that in cleaning experience is not important, but you’re wrong – the more experience you have in house cleaning, the easier it’ll be for you to deal with stubborn stains. Naturally, professional cleaners will have more experience than you and if you book professionals, they’ll remove not only the dust, but also the germs from your home, too.

2. For more free time – book professionals
Researchers revealed that parents and especially mothers don’t spend enough time with their children. Why? Because they spend 14 hours a week cleaning – basically 90 percent of the time they spend at home, they spend cleaning. Of course, when you book professional cleaners to tackle the household chores in your property, you save a lot of time which you’ll be able to spend with your family.

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And if you book our house cleaning services, apart form getting a completely sanitized property without any effort and saving yourself up to 14 hours a week, you’ll save money. We’re based in Cricklewood and we offer house cleaning services at appealing prices.

We ask you to rely on our services, because our methods won’t just eliminate all dirt and bacteria from the surfaces in your property, but also help extend the lifespan of your appliances and furniture. We’re the most diligent cleaning company in Cricklewood.

Well this was handy. I expected good results but this exceeded my expectations. The team came to my home on time and they didn’t start cleaning, they started performing. I haven’t seen a cleaning service be carried out in such a beautiful way. The results weren’t the only thing that was satisfying. – Travis

I have hired a house cleaning service before, but this is something else. This is on a whole different level. I have never seen such professional work before. From now on, I am going to hire from this company. They’re team came to my home on time and before I realized, I was living in a palace. – Lilly