House Cleaning Services in Battersea, SW11

house cleaningSometimes people can’t possibly achieve the desired end results of their cleaning. Working full time or taking care of children is a huge undertaking itself.

But there is a way that you can keep your house properly cleaned and your child or career a priority- our professional house cleaning service, located in Battersea, is at your service, ready to undertake any cleaning chore you throw at us.

We have a wide and flexible working schedule- seven days a week and even on bank holidays. This schedule allows you to pick the best time to have your house cleaning, one that works best for you.

House Cleaning Price
Regular Cleaning£16
One Off Cleaning £16
Spring / Deep Cleaning£18

Battersea Info

One of the most famous neighborhoods (mainly because that’s where the school of young prince George is located), Battersea is also one of the most beautiful areas in the capital. It’s located on the south bank of the Thames river and it has a lot to offer to anyone who visits it.

Maybe one of the most impressive places (apart from prince George’s school) is the Battersea park. That’s where the Pump House is located. Built in 1891 and originally a Victorian water tower, the building is one of the smaller English museums. But don’t be fooled – the fact that it’s small is by no means a reason for you to ignore it. In fact, it has a spectacular variety of artifacts – it’s worth the visit. Another spectacular attraction located in the Battersea park is the Battersea Park Children Zoo. Go there, and you’ll see a wide variety of exotic animals.

Once you call our lines and get in touch with our friendly operators they will be more than happy to explain the cleaning process to you. You will also get an estimate and start customizing your cleaning plan.

Our cleaning technicians will arrive on the scheduled by you time and have all the cleaning equipment and tools ready. You don’t need to prepare anything, because we will bring everything we need ourselves, to perform an amazing cleaning with a long lasting effect.

We have assembled teams of highly efficient and well-trained professional cleaning technicians, the best in Battersea. Their skills and expertise is critical to bringing good cleaning results. When they are on the job you needn’t worry about anything- they will cover even the smallest detail, every surface of your house will be wiped clean as well as disinfected.

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Our cleaners are the most thorough technicians, they can clean any area of your choosing and clean it well. We have supplied them with the best, modern cleaning equipment available on the market. Thanks to it and the diligence of our employees we are able to remove stubborn stains from furniture, walls and carpets.

We offer the most thorough house cleaning in all of Battersea. High-quality equipment coupled with the real professional diligence is what makes us stand out. Take note that all of our cleaning materials and solutions are 100 percent environment-friendly and safe for you and your house environment.

“I’m one of those messy guys who never cleans their home. I used to be okay with living in filth but one day I realized that it was too filthy even for me. So, I hurriedly booked your services and you exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks for the help – Joshua”

“The sooner people start booking your services, the better. Each of your technicians is experienced, they have a strong eye for detail and whoever books you will realize what cleanliness really looks like. I used to think the house was clean enough but you proved me wrong completley. Now everything is sparkling clean – Darrel”